Friday, April 20, 2012


Let me introduce myself!

My name is Adriana Huruiocea and i have a thing for Body Art and Styling Hair. In my opinion, these two combined make the perfect "pair". 

I am now learning even more about cutting and styling hair during my second year at the Nederlandse Kappersakademie in Amsterdam.

Apart from that, i work as an "at home" hairdresser in Het Gooi region, The Netherlands. click here to find out more about it

The best way to start a blog, though, is to actually post something in it, right? So starting today, i'm going to delight you with the coolest pictures of the awesomest haircuts that i can find on the web. I will also be taking photos of my own work.

During the next few days i'll be posting images of every hairlength, followed by colour and style as subcategories - from very short light blonde to very long black.

So let the fun begin!




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